Beanbag Brainstorms

A fun, cool and dynamic touch to help teams think ‘out of the box’

If you need your meetings to be more inspiring and effective, then forget the traditional meeting room. We’ll help you to leave behind the office chairs and tables and bring in colourful, comfy beanbags. Of course, it’s not just about the beanbags, it’s about a fresh, dynamic environment to help your people feel creative and unconstrained.

Give them a really fresh environment to think, debate and explore ideas. Plump up the beanbags and let your team indulge in their favourite munchies, with cold drinks on tap. We’ll find the perfect environment, with plenty of break out ‘thinking’ space.

We’ll arrange every detail, including travel, accommodation, favourite snacks, venue management and excursions. Our online registration platform means those attending can electronically confirm and enter their preferences from anywhere in the world. You can even request your favourite colour beanbag!

Not the right theme for you? This is just one of many ideas to make your meetings fresher and more effective, so if you'd like us to suggest something different then get in touch!

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