Design, management and support for all aspects of your important conference

Conference Organisers

Are you organising your first conference or maybe you're already something of an expert? Getting support in the right places is essential. At CT Group Travel we’re right by your side, providing help where it’s needed. From full end-to-end management to ad hoc support in specific areas, our creative solutions are a result of insight, experience and innovative thinking. We can offer you over 30 years of experience and expertise in this field.

As a conference organiser, you’ll be expected to deliver on brief, on time and on budget and you'll need to show a clear return on investment. Let us help you.

See what we can deliver:

  • Development of a concise brief for a creative conference
  • Venue research, booking and management
  • Registration technology uniquely-tailored to your brand and requirements
  • Full travel management and logistics
  • Housing and accommodation
  • On-site representation and venue management
  • Budget control, reporting and reconciliation
  • Travel policies and traveller profiles

The Conference Success Guide

Streamlined organisation, defined success criteria and flexibility underpin every great conference. Our Conference Success Guide helps conference organisers ensure every aspect is covered. Download your free guide and get off to the right start.

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