What is Incentive Travel?

Incentive travel is business-related travel that is often part of an employee reward scheme, and is offered by employers to motivate and reward staff for hitting certain targets or goals.

It’s the perfect way to reward the most valuable assets of your company – your staff – with unforgettable travel experiences.


Any employer knows that happy staff are hardworking staff, and staff incentives and employee rewards are the perfect way to celebrate those who go above and beyond. Incentive travel is one such way to encourage your teams to hit targets, reach goals, and generally work hard.

The reward? An unforgettable, corporate travel experience that can be tailored to suit individuals, couples, and groups of all sizes.

Want to know more about how incentive travel works, why you should consider it for your business, and why CT Group Travel is the company you should choose to work with? We explain all here:


How does incentive travel work?

If you’re looking to motivate and reward your employees, incentive travel is one thing to consider.

Just like other, conventional employee rewards and incentive schemes, incentive travel is just one way you can celebrate your team. You can offer amazing experiences, that will be fully subsidised by the company, as a reward for hitting targets throughout the year, winning a huge pitch, or to say “thank you” for being a valuable asset to your business.

Like all company reward schemes, incentive travel is completely flexible. You decide on the incentive, what needs to be done to achieve this, and who is involved. Not only that, but employee travel incentives can sit alongside your existing reward scheme or be a standalone incentive.


What travel incentives can I offer?

Here at CT Group Travel, we create unforgettable travel Incentives. From European city breaks to long haul adventures, Caribbean cruises to a weekend on the ski slopes - we can help you create the perfect incentive package for your employees.

Some of our most popular incentive travel solutions include:

These aren’t the only trips you can reward your team with though. We will work with you to offer the perfect reward, anywhere in the world.

These travel incentives don’t just take your employees to amazing places. You can put on some incredible excursions and trips while you’re there too. But don’t stress – we work with you to set the itinerary and organise every detail for you.

For instance, you could take your whole company away on a skiing weekend at the end of the year to celebrate hitting targets. We can book more than just flights and accommodation, such as ski passes and equipment, restaurants and private areas in bars, ski lessons or fun alternative on piste activities like tobogganing and much more. It’s a great way to boost morale as well as keeping your employees happy in the workplace, and remember, happy employees are hard working employees.

As staff incentives go, a trip-of-a-lifetime is an amazing one.


Who is incentive travel for?

It’s for everyone! Businesses of all shapes, sizes, industries and sectors can use group travel incentives to reward their high achievers. We tailor each trip to your business, brief and budget. Our flexible and dynamic itineraries are built around you too, and can include excursions, events and team activities. The choice is all yours. 


Why should I use CT Group Travel?

A company reward scheme that involves incentive travel can be expensive, and you’ll want peace of mind. With CT Group Travel, you’re in safe hands. You can rest assured because all of our incentives come with the protection of full ATOL and IATA accreditation.

CT Group Travel is also one of only a handful of incentive travel providers with ABTA credentials. What this means for you is that we can organise everything for you. From the air, rail or car travel and transfers, accommodation and all of the trips and excursions involved. 

We are also registered travel agents, which means you can rely on our knowledge and trust our judgement. We know that skiing for instance, is a hugely popular incentive. With our knowledge, we can advise you on the best time of year to book this in, the best slopes for your group’s abilities and the best hotel locations for your après activities.

If you want to find out more about travel incentives with CT Group Travel, have a specific trip in mind, or simply want to discuss what options are available in your budget, contact us today.

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