6 Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Event

There is no doubt that face-to-face events and conferences have had to make vital and radical changes over the last 12 months resulting in an increased demand for online events. The move to virtual has highlighted some great immediate and long-term benefits for companies.

With experience in both in-person and virtual events, here are our top six benefits of hosting your event virtually:

  1. You can reach a greater, global audience
    Virtual events have a global reach bringing companies, their employees and customers closer than ever before. As long as participants have a mobile device or computer and internet connectivity, they can join from anywhere in the world. This makes virtual events very easy to attend resulting in a much higher attendance rate and larger global reach.

  2. Virtual events save valuable time.
    Although virtual events do require some set-up time, it is significantly less than that of an in-person event where much time is spent planning and on-site. As a result, organisers can focus on the event programme and content as well as creating a smooth user experience. Virtual events are also timesaving for attendees as they require no travel time, meaning an increase in productivity.

  3. Costs are significantly reduced
    There will be a significant reduction in costs when running a virtual event. With no need for a venue and staff, attendee travel and accommodation, food and beverage and event materials, the costs of hosting your event online are dramatically reduced. The only real cost for hosting a virtual event will be the online meeting platform and any associated marketing costs.

  4. Event information is easily managed
    The ease of recording, streaming and distributing event information online makes an event more appealing and can give a new longevity to a message. It is also easier for event planners to keep the information up-to-date and relevant, and content can become ‘on-demand’ with easy access from anywhere in the world at any time once the event has finished.

  5. It is easy to measure results
    Depending on the type of virtual event and the software used, it should be easier to gather data and measure results than an in-person event. As all the sessions and information for a virtual event is online, everything can be easily tracked. For example, you can quickly access how many people attended and what sessions which participant joined. It is also easier to collect feedback from participants where online polls and surveys are easy to complete.

  6. Helps to motivate and engage your team
    Whilst face to face meetings and events are currently on hold and many employees continue to work from home, crucial communication and motivation is easily lost. A virtual event such as a team engagement social can help businesses to engage with their staff, boost morale and energy and improve communication.

That one-off event budget can now be expanded to multiple, more frequent virtual events bringing teams and clients even closer. Even when we can meet again face-to-face, there will always be a place for online and virtual events.

We not only manage and deliver in-person global events, meetings and conferences but also full-scale, creative and engaging virtual events tailored to suit your audience and brand. Get in touch or call Jacqui on 01892 571181 to discuss your vision for 2021/22.

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