10 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Next Business Conference

A business conference is a great way to meet new contacts and reconnect with existing ones, expanding your network and your business opportunities. However, if you don’t make the most of them, it can just be another day away from the office.

Here’s our top tips on how to make the most of your next conference, whether you are arranging it or an attendee.


  1. Pre-conference meeting setting
    Check the conference website and your confirmation emails to see if there is a meeting setting service. Some conferences will help you to reach out to other delegates and arrange a time to meet and discuss your business, services or products.

  2. Be social
    Many conferences will have a programme of networking events throughout the day as well as in the evening to meet your fellow delegates in a relaxed business setting. A free drink can always help you if you are shy, but remember to stay professional and don’t over indulge, you are representing your business. Talk to as many people as you can; you never know who may be your next big opportunity, be that a potential customer, a new partner or even someone who can recommend your business. Remember everyone is there for one reason, so don’t be scared to strike up a conversation.

  3. Be a presenter
    Conferences always need speakers, why not showcase your expertise and become a speaker. This is the perfect way to demonstrate your knowledge and increase your profile. Make sure your talk is on point, engaging and informative, to leave the right impression.

  4. Plan your time
    There is often a lot going on at a conference, with many talks and workshops to attend. Make the most of your time by making a plan of what you want to attend and when to ensure you don’t miss out. If you have two conflicting presentations, reach out to the presenters and ask for the slides and any accompanying literature so you don’t miss out.

  5. Give yourself time
    Selecting the right travel and accommodation will allow you to relax and enjoy the conference, rather than rushing around. Our Business Travel Consultants are experts and can advise you on the best flight times, ground transport and accommodation options to suit your schedule and your budget. 

  6. Take Notes 
    Business conferences provide a wealth of industry expertise and knowledge, so make sure to take notes. So much information can be overwhelming in a short period of time, so bring a notepad and pen to write it down and remind yourself after the conference finishes when you have time and headspace to absorb it all.

  7. Leave your phone and emails 
    A lot of time and effort has gone into making the conference, the presentations, the networking events. Be respectful and give it your full attention. Leave phone and laptop time for breaks to make the most of everything on offer and give your full attention.

  8. Business Cards
    It might sound old and outdated, but business cards are still a quick and easy way to make a new contact. Depending where you are in the world, they are often expected, including the Middle East and Asia. Ensure you have plenty of business cards with you and they are close to hand when you need them. 

  9. LinkedIn and Twitter
    Connecting with your new contacts online, through LinkedIn or even Twitter is a great way to stay in touch and share relevant content with them and interact without having to be as direct with phone calls and email. 

  10. Follow up
    Finally, don’t forget to follow up with all of your new contacts. In this instance an email is a good way to do this and remember to keep it friendly and professional. If you discussed doing business, this is a good way to restart your conversation and send across more information and further build the relationship.


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