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Angela Buss

Head of Groups

"If I can’t be in Barbados, then I’ll have to settle for a Hendricks and tonic!"

Bio: Having travelled to 99% of countries in the Middle East and North Africa, managing the on-site for travel and events, I continued my foray in travel by managing the Chelsea FC travel account for over 10 years. I started the first ever Travel Team at ITV Studios in London with a team managing travel logistics for ITV personnel plus guests and VIPs, which included every request under the sun to many destinations I didn’t even know existed! 2016 saw me move closer to home with CT Group Travel.

Places: New York, Majorca and Barbados

Loves: My 20 year old son who daily reminds me that an iPad is not an etch-a-sketch

Right out there: Auditioning for ‘Take Me Out - the over 40s version!’

Jacqui Wylde

Business Development Manager

"I’m longing to return to New Orleans… for the best beignet and coffee at Café Du Monde."

Bio: My love affair with travel began at the iconic airline, British Caledonian. This opened the door to corporate travel work at Hogg Robinson, where I went on to launch their group travel team. My career continued in events and production and I have worked in many sales and management capacities for agencies including Black Tomato and Penguins.

Loves: Cats – any kind, any size

Hates: Jelly, winter & dogs that lick your face!

Moments: The Monaco F1 dinner at Hotel de Paris for my partner’s 40th and driving my sports car

Karen Hammond

Senior Groups Travel Consultant

"I’m neither a glass half full nor glass half empty kind of person; I just want a glass that’s overflowing!"

Bio: My career in the industry started with Exhibition and Trade Mission travel, mainly in the Middle East, then a move to London took me in to working in the Japanese and Swiss markets. I then took a role at Ayscough Travel specialising in Incentive Travel. My journey took me to Chelsea Village Travel where I worked on group travel projects related to Chelsea FC. I joined Baldwins Travel covering Incentives, Trade Missions and School groups, before joining CT Group Travel.

Places: Texas, Dubrovnik & Thailand

Hobbies: Is Prosecco a hobby? If not I’ve gone wrong somewhere!

Loves: My daughter and watching her grow into a fine young woman

Leigh-Ann Mizon

Senior Groups Travel Consultant

"Enjoy the little things in life, one day you will look back and realise they were the big things."

Bio: I joined CT Group Travel back in 2010 and took 14 months off to have my gorgeous daughter Olivia in 2015. I enjoy working with my team and love putting together new ideas and exploring new locations! The world is a wonderful place and the possibilities are endless.

Places: Bali, Thailand, anywhere in the Caribbean, Rome, Lisbon, Iceland, Dubrovnik…pretty much everywhere I have visited

Food: Tapas, Thai, Chinese, Indian – I love all foods!

Moments: Travelling – cliché, I know, but I love travelling with my family and friends, creating memories

Karen Emberson

Groups Travel & Incentives Consultant

"My morning indulgence is rustling up a scrambled egg and smoked salmon breakfast in the company kitchen."

Bio: I joined CT Group Travel in September 2012 after successfully completing my BTEC National Diploma in Travel and Tourism at West Kent College in Tonbridge. During the past 5 years, I have progressed within the company, gaining new knowledge and experiences throughout my various roles which include Administration and Business Travel.

Food: Pizza, Thai, Indian…the list could go on!

Loves: Travelling the world and exploring

Hobbies: Boxing and weight training at the gym

Victoria Green

Groups Travel & Incentives Consultant

"A banana is 105 calories; a glass of Prosecco is 80 calories. Choose wisely!"

Bio: My passion for travel started at secondary school when I studied travel as a GCSE; I then completed a two year BTEC National Diploma in Travel & Tourism. My first job was with a local Tour Operator as a Reservations Consultant where I successfully worked my way up to become the Aviation & Ticketing Manager. After 10 years in the leisure sector, I felt it was time to further my experience into groups & business travel and joined CT Group Travel in 2017.

Food: Fajitas washed down with a cold glass of bubbles!

Places: Sri Lanka, Mexico, Dubai

Right Out There: A couple of my most memorable adventures include a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon whilst on my honeymoon and elephant riding through the jungle in Kerala

Heather Rowland

Groups Consultant

"If we're not meant to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the fridge?"

Bio: After finishing my degree in Travel Management in 2014, I started working at American Express in their Centurion and Platinum Travel & Lifestyle department. I then decided to move into Business Travel and began working for a Civil Engineering company, where I managed their Groups & Conferences department, before joining CT Group Travel to further my career.

Loves: Animals, chocolate & McDonald’s!

Dislikes: Early mornings, ketchup & cold weather

Hobbies: Baking and caring for my two rabbits, pet snake (Hissy Elliott) and way too many fish!


Wellness Director

"The best therapist has fur and four legs"

Bio: Working in the CT Groups office is the perfect job for me. Everyone is always so happy to see me, even when I have to ‘confiscate’ the treats they attempt to hide in their drawers. Staff Wellbeing is so important. It’s amazing how a belly rub, cuddle and quick walk round the block can reduce stress!

Loves: All my work buddies. Playing hide ‘n’ seek in the office

Hates: Being told to ‘go to bed’ when I’m in the office… really? Who sleeps on the job?

Food: Anything, especially Angela’s (Head of Groups) secret stash of Willow treats